Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Wild night in San Fran!

Yesterday was our first full day spent in San Francisco! We got up early, checked out the San Fransisco Museum of Modern Art for a few hours to start our day. Emily's really into art so I sucked it up. She was so excited because there were 2 exhibits that happened to be 2 or her favorite photographers-- Richard Avedon and Robert Frank. (Emily's posting photos later). To my surprise, the museum wasn't that bad..
After that we went down to Fisherman's Wharf along the boardwalk and saw Alcatraz and the Golden Gate Bridge. It was way to busy for us so we walked 10 blocks or so back into the city and found a yummy pizza place for lunch. Then nap time.
Last night we decided to go our with our 3 roommates-- Fillippa and Cecille are Swedish and Laura's from Manchester, England. Definitely the most fun night I've had on this trip so far. Being that we're so lucky to be staying on a street with about 8 strip clubs, we took advantage :-) Honestly, it was slightly uncomfortable BUT I'm glad we went because Emily and I had never been to one. (Note to self:: lots and lots of married men go to strip clubs... gross..)
We didn't stay to long, but stayed up til 3:30 or so talking and meeting other people.
Not much sleep last night.. and no coffee today at breakfast..

Who knows what today brings! -- caffeine first..

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