Thursday, July 9, 2009

nc, tn, and ak.

hey its em. kelley and i are sitting in fort smith, arkansas!! we are staying at my good friend mark karsten's house with his family. Kathy, Buzz, and Josh are the sweetest people!! we both are really happy to be here with them!

since monday, kelley and i have gone through north carolina, tennessee, and arkansas! we stopped in ashville, nc, knoxville, tn, nashville, tn, memphis, tn, little rock, ak, and fort smith, ak.

when kelley and i got to memphis, we found our hostel which was really cute and then decided to go downtown. we ended up having car troubles and dealing with not so nice people, but luckily we met some kids at dinner and ended up going out with all their friends later that night. the nightlife is way more wild in memphis compared to what kel and i are used to!

yesterday, we left memphis and went to little rock, ak. it was really pretty. we rode our bikes throughout downtown and the river market district. we both fell in love with that area. we ended up having lunch on a bridge over the arkansas river. it was beautiful!!!

we made it here to fort smith, ak last night. mark has been showing us around and we have been hanging with the karsten's all day. we are about to go on a bike ride with josh (mark's younger brother.) they are such nice and cute people and have been so sweet to us! we're going to be staying another night here and then heading out to oklahoma city and amarillo, tx tomorrow!!

here are some photos from our trip so far!!!

knoxville, tn

nashville, tn

nashville, tn

nashville, tn

nashville, tn

downtown memphis, tn

friends we made in memphis!

these were the nice guys we met at friday's. we all went
out for a drink at a bar on beale street which is downtown memphis.
we ended up meeting more of their friends and also a
few other groups of kids who were also traveling.
it was a fun night!

leaving memphis and entering arkansas

little rock, ak

little rock, ak and the river!


  1. Hi Emily and Kelly,

    It's Grandma Brown, Heather and Lynn we're following your blog. Sounds like your having an awsome time!! Stay safe and keep us updated.

  2. Emily you have a coffee cup in almost every picture haha I love it! Hope you girls are having an amazinggg time. Kel- I miss my roomie...wear your seatbelt (: