Friday, July 17, 2009

northern california and oregon!!!

who knew oregon was so beautiful?! we didn't until today!!!
kelley and i drove 14 hours from san francisco to portland, oregon. the drive along highway 101 was so gorgeous that it didnt feel nearly as long. we stopped along the way at some beach spots and outlooks.
the redwood forest was also beautiful and fun to drive through. neither of us had seen trees so huge before!
right now, we're at the jupiter hotel in portland. tomorrow we are going to explore and ride bikes throughout portland!! hopefully there will be more photos of portland than we have of san francisco. we woke up at 6am to go to the golden gate bridge but it was so foggy that we couldn't even see it while we were driving over it. BUMMER!!!
tomorrow evening we're going to seattle, washington and staying with kelley's brother jay at his naval base! we will be there until sunday and i promise i will be posting a ton of photos in the next few days of both cities!!!!
miss you all. xoxo

kelley in oregon

kelley at the beeeeach

the water was really cold. here i am at the beach.

me in oregon

me in oregonnn




pacific ocean!

golden gate bridge from a far

boats off of fisherman's wharf

it was too expensive to go..... however i definitely want to next time!

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